June 21, 2006

Playing Poker Latley

I have played in a few local poker tournaments lately and I have done okay. The first one started out around 72 players and I finished 12, the second one had 64 and I finished 6, and the third one started with 64 and I finished 15.

The last week I went I did not do as well (I believe) because I was wanting to qualify that tournament (be in the last 4 people left) because I was so close the week before (I finished 6). Trying to be competitive in poker is frustrating and difficult because you can be the best poker player and not win. You need to have a lot of luck on your side. Being good only gives you an edge so you do well consistently. Being good alone will never win you a tournament. That is why even the most famous poker players have only won one or two World Poker Tour tournaments. It is usually random people who make the final table. Only every now and then will you will see a "poker star" make it to the final table.

I am setting myself out until poker becomes fun again and not a competition. I did not have as much fun that last time I played.


I've wanted to learn how to play poker for awhile...any recommendations on how to get started?
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 7:35 AM  
When I say poker I mean Texas Hold'em.

You just have to start playing. Have some friends over. If you are lucky you can get a weekly standing game. If you play once a week you will get better fast.

If you can't get a home game going there are probably a few local clubs that hold weekly poker tournaments. I would recommend some friendly home games before jumping into a tournament. If you make a stupid play amongst friends it is not as embarrassing, and you can get their advice without the other players thinking you are a novice and not taking you seriously at the table.
posted by Blogger Interblogger at 9:16 PM