May 17, 2005

Design Info

For inquires (including price quotes) on custom non-Blogger templates please e-mail me at the address below.

All pre-made templates for Blogger sites are only $25 unless otherwise noted, and all custom templates are only $50 $35 (for a limited time). When you purchase a template from Interblogging a low-resolution screenshot of the template will be kept for our portfolio page.

When you purchase a Blogger template, unless other arrangements have been made, I will upload all files to a free webserver (such as yahoo) and give you just the code you need to paste into your blogger control panel. For more advanced users I will provide all images, CSS stylesheet, and HTML in a .zip package.

If you need any help updating your template please see Blogger Help: Updating Your Template. I will also give limited support. I do not (unless previous arrangements have been made) update blogrolls, other links, or extras you have added to your site.

To contact me please e-mail:
interblogging at yahoo dot com