February 01, 2006

Dawn of War

After a long dry spell of playing PC games I finally found new one worthy of my time and my lowered ambitions to do much else. The last great RTS game in my mind was Starcraft. It had near perfect balance of power and a large range of diversity in its races. I waited for years for Blizzard to come out with Starcraft II, but they never did. After almost giving up hope a co-worker told me about a game called Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. It is very similar to Starcraft in many ways and adds its own uniqueness to the game such as commanding infantries (squad of units) instead of single units, a complete 3-D world where you can pan around for a 360 view, seamless zoom to watch the battles up close, customization of the army’s look (change the colors of the units and buildings), and more. If you can overlook the lame story about humans worshiping a dead Emperor the game is pretty fun.

The different races in Dawn of War are not as diverse or balanced as they are in Starcraft, there are a few units I believe are too powerful, I find the game a little too fast-paced, but in general it is an all around good RTS game. I recommend it to anyone who likes RTS games.