February 16, 2006

Coast to Coast AM

I am a big fan of science (space, physics, technology, etc), the future, conspiracy theories (UFOs, aliens, political, etc), the paranormal, and things of that sort. There is a radio show that talks about all of these things and more called Coast to Coast AM, but it only comes on at 1:00 in the morning. I recently bought an online subscription that allows me to download previous shows in MPG format. If you have an interest in things like this I suggest you try it out. It will set you back about $7 a month ($4.50 if you buy a year at a time) which I think is high considering they are only past radio shows. It is still worth it if you find this type of thing interesting. Every day the have the previous night's show archived so there is no wait to hear new shows.

Coast to Coast AM

Not all shows are about crazy topics like UFOs or conspiracies, they often have (and my favorite shows) respected experts on things like space or theoretical physicists talking about their latest book and new innovations in science, space, and technology. They also have futurists, PhDs in metaphysics, and other people from various fields on talking about all kinds of different subjects.


I use to listen to Coast 2 Coast a few years ago when I was in the military. I worked out of D.C., and my shift ended at midnight. I had about an hour drive home, and would listen to Art Bell and all the cool topics and guests he had.

And I totally agree, sometimes that stuff got way out there, but other times, it really made you think.

Good listenin'!
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Art Bell only hosts on the weekends now. George Noory is the regular host and he is a little wacko. I much prefer Art, he is much more down to earth and rational in his believes.
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