December 07, 2005

My cube

Christian posted a picture of his cube the other day, so I thought I would show a picture of my cube.

Don't let the CRT monitor throw you off. I assure you this image was taken this a few days ago not a few years ago.

My cube


That's not that bad. I'm stuck with a CRT as well. The CFO of the company thinks that having flat panels is a waste of money and since he's all about money we don't have them. Bastard.

I see you got the programmer go juice on the desk. Well at least one version of it. Mtn. Dew!
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 4:26 PM  
That looks a lot like my last cubicle. Ours were wooden though so they looked retro. Someone thought that was a good idea I guess.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 2:53 PM  
hey your template looks very nice and clean! how creative. really :)

time to emulate your template if i EVER have the time LOL!
posted by Blogger Jellyfish at 9:21 AM