August 02, 2005

Windows Vista Beta

Unless you have been living under a rock you know that Microsoft has been making a new version of Windows. Previously it was known as code name ‘Longhorn’, but has recently been officially named Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Logo

Last night I downloaded the new Windows Vista Beta 1. It was 9 hour download. It should have been faster, but the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) server was only transferring at a rate of 70-80 kbs. I would have thought they would have faster servers.

When the massive 2.5G ISO file was completed I burn the image to DVD. Now all I have to do it install it, too bad I am at work right now. When I get it installed I will be sure to upload some screenshots.


I'm definitely curious about this.
posted by Blogger Robin at 10:48 AM  
Can't wait to hear your take on it.
posted by Blogger Jen at 1:29 PM