August 10, 2005

Big Brother Poll fixed?

Bad news for Kaysar

Big Brother has named their latest poll "America’s Choice", but is it? There is evidence that CBS has already made up it's mind who will come back into the house.

Quote from Reality TV Magazine
"The radio buttons for Ashlea, Kaysar, and Michael are blocked out so that fans cannot vote for them. What is unusual is that Eric’s radio button is not blocked out, even though he left the house before Kaysar."

My wife told me when she visited the site to vote Eric’s image was not even grayed out while the other three evicted houseguests where. It appears this has caused a lot of commotion and these "errors" have now been fixed.

However, there is a new "bug" that (at the time of this writing) is still there. If you vote for Kaysar then hit back on your browser to revote the option defaults to Eric. This only started happening a few days ago.

Despite the fact that another CBS Big Brother poll indicates Kasar is the most liked houseguest with 87% and Eric is the most disliked with 29% (Love'em or Leave'em results) Eric would still walk though that door.

Will it truly be America’s choice? I guess we will see depending on if America’s clear favorite really walks though the door.


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