August 01, 2005

Big Brother 6: Who has to go

The Big Brother 6 house is divided (as it usually is this late in the game) into two groups. I don’t really care which group wins because there are people on both sides I want off. Here is the breakdown in the order I want them to go the most.

Ivette has the worse attitude in the Big Brother house hands down, far and away. If you disagree with her she will say any non-rational, idiotic thing she can think of. How dare you disagree with me. You must not have any respect for woman. She actually said something like this to Kaiser while he was only trying to keep peace between her and Michael.

Most of my animosity towards her is probably because of her affiliation with Eric. My animosity was amplified when she luckily won last weeks HOH. What drives me nuts about players like her are unfortunately weak players tend to do well in these types of games. I am expecting her to go far, but not on her own accord. She will be dragged along just as she has done this far.


Luckily we didn't get sucked in to this big brother season. It doesn't sound like its very good.
posted by Blogger Raul Duke at 8:25 AM  
Ack! The biggest idiot in the house is James. He has been bragging about how brilliant he is, yet he continues to make idiotic moves. He thought he was so slick getting Kayser to trust him. He's being used and he's too stupid to figure it out. I love how he lied about his job because he "didn't want to intimidate anyone". Whatever. Loss prevention specialist = wanderer in the aisles at K-Mart looking for shoplifters.
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James really got on my nerves last episode. I would definetly bump him up over Janelle. Janelle is getting on my nerves less and less.
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