August 24, 2005

Big Brother 6 is ruined

Jen was the first member of the jury in the Big Brother 6 house. It is official, there is no way anyone good can win Big Brother this year. The self proclaimed evil team "Friendship" aka Nerd Herd has the overwhelming majority in the jury. This means only Beau, Maggie, Ivette, or April has a chance to win the grand prize. The only way this outcome can be different is for all of them to be voted out before the final two, which seems highly unlikely since one of them will have to go every week except 1 for the rest of the show. Considering they are also the majority of the in the house right now winning HOH every week is also in their favor. The odds of a non-Nerd Herd winning BB6 are almost non-existent.

Why do I watch this show? It never turns out well.

BTW Ivette could very well be the most annoying player in Big Brother history.