July 26, 2005

Zombie Dream

I had an odd dream last night. I was in a place where everyone had turned into zombies (likely everyone in the world, but the scope of the dream took place in a part of one city). There were only a few people left who had not yet been turned. I think what brought this on was the George A. Romero's Land of the Dead movie I was thinking about seeing in the cheap theater. I also stayed up late watching several shows I recorded called In Search Of which came on the Sci-fi channel.

In Search Of

Anyway, in my dream I was on a boat full of survivors trying to escape into the open water, which we were not yet to. The boat was pretty small and had a small cabin below the deck with electricity (dependent on the gas from the boat). The water must have been about waste deep because there were zombies in the water that were trying to get us. It was as if the streets in a city were flooded because there were things to either side of the boat. Somehow at one point I even ended up on a jet ski behind the boat driving though the flooded zombie filled city. I believe I made it to open water just before I woke up.

Even though it was a zombie dream, and they clearly wanted to eat me, it was not scary at all. Quite the opposite, it was more adventurous than anything. I had not had a dream scare me since I was very very young. I remember in that dream (the dream I had when I was little) there were spiders crawling over me until they completely covered my body and then going into my ears and mouth. It felt real to me, but then again I was just a small child. After that I prayed for quite a while every night before bed that I would not have any more bad dreams, and I have not had a nightmare since. I have had sad dreams where I think something bad has happened to me or someone I love, but I have not had a dream that is terrifying which I would classify as a nightmare.


I had a weird dream the other night that I was working out and doing a lot of curls. I woke up with sore arms, but thats the extent of my weird dreams.
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