July 20, 2005

Roswell Logic

I have been watching a lot of the National Geographic channel lately. On this channel there has been quite a bit about aliens and UFOs on lately. I was telling one of my co-workers about some of the opinions I have formulated over the years about the topic. One thing we disagreed about was what happened in Roswell. I believe there was a government cover-up, however it was not covering up an alien crash landing.

When the Roswell incident (or crash) first happened it was public knowledge that (what seemed to be) an alien spacecraft had crash landed. There where even pictures of the metal from the spacecraft in the newspapers. The newspapers reported exactly what was found and what they thought it was. It wasn’t until the military stepped in that it was silenced. However, the military said what had crashed was nothing more than a weather balloon. It was obviously not a weather balloon so it was a pretty sad cover-up. Years and years later the military came out and admitted it was a cover-up, but it was not an alien cover-up. They said it was a secret government test project that had crashed. They then showed several images of this project that looked to me like a big metal kite. They did not say what the purpose of the project was. When they showed military photos of this secret project after the army finally released them and compared them to the photos from the Roswell crash from before the cover-up, it was indeed the same thing (size, shape, and material).

Did the government make fake photos to match the alien kite-like spacecraft in order to make a fake cover-up to cover-up the alien landing? Not likely, however it is a possibility. What my co-worker and I were actually debating is weather any alien bodies where found. I look at it like this, the first few days when everything was public knowledge why did the remains of the metal kite-looking object make headlines and not the bodies? If alien bodies were found they would have made the headlines instead of the scrap metal because again there is no cover-up yet. Meaning if there were bodies found they would have been in the newspapers before the military stepped in. However, there were reports of manikins which served as crash test dummies that were found at the site of the crash. These dummies for some reason happen to have been left out of the news even before the cover-up.

My co-worker basis his belief that alien bodies were found on the testimony of one (now old) lady who was alive at the time who now claims she saw alien bodies. I think I am going to have to have more evidence than that.