July 12, 2005

Haunted Hotels

I was watching a show on Discovery’s Travel Channel (I think) called America's Haunted Hotels. It was a countdown of what are supposedly the most haunted places to stay in America. During the show they would interview several customers and some of the staff. I have to admit, these people seemed like they actually believed the place was haunted. Common since tells me they are just actors or actual employees ‘acting’ for the reputation of the hotel. After all the haunted claim to fame might be all that is keeping that hotel in business. Some of them were not exactly the Hilton downtown. After thinking about it, I have actually talked to several people who have claimed to have lived somewhere (or at least stayed somewhere) that was haunted.

It makes me wonder what kinds of things would make people think a place is haunted. I have heard people say things like a toilet flushes, the floors creeks, a light will be on, or maybe the TV turned to a static channel. If those things make a house haunted then I could only assume every house with indoor plumbing or electricity in the world is haunted. These things in conjunction with an over active imagination might make someone believe they really are being haunted.

A few days ago I was sitting at my computer desk when I suddenly heard the TV (which I thought was off) volume come on really loud. I got up and turned the TV off and called it a night and went to bed. I image the TV was already on, just on a program that was recorded at a much a lower volume (sometimes digital channels are funny like that) or perhaps the cat stepped on the remote. I can see where a customer in a hotel that had a reputation for being haunted might have assumed that was a ghost.


Umm...you didn't tell me about that. Now I'm going to be scared to stay downstairs at night alone :).
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See what you started J?

My wife is really into the Alien stuff (she believes they exist etc) and I'm not into it whatsoever. Think it's a load of baloney, but whatever. So it sometimes makes for really interesting conversation!
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My wife swears up and down that before we ever met, she had lived in a house that was haunted. And my step sons tells me of this little girl he would see in his room in the middle of the night.

My wife is a lousy liar, but her story on this has never changed. I actually believe her.
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I love talking about that stuff too. I certainly don't believe in ghosts (although I like talking about them), but I do believe there is a very good possibility there is life on other planets. Considering there are billions of galaxies with millions of systems with multiple plants, their has to be billions upon billions of life sustaining planets out there. If there is a life sustaining planet, why couldn't life have started up there also?

I think the odds of us finding life outside our planet is extremely small because space is just so BIG. Even if there is an intelligent species out there and they can travel at the speed of light, which we believe is impossible, it could still take millions of years for them to find us. I don't think anything is going to live quite that long to make the trip. :) There might be life on a planet on a nearby system in this galaxy in which it might only take weeks at the speed of light, but the odds are very slim.
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