June 29, 2005

New Template

I hope you like the new look of this website. I think it is a bit more professional. I will try to update this blog's template ever so often. I will usually be giving away the old templates for free to people who want to use them. This last template Blue Skies will be available for download soon.

If you would like a new custom template made for your blog click here for details.


posted by Blogger Chas at 1:50 PM  
Yeah I like this better than the other one.
posted by Blogger Chris D. at 12:28 PM  
Thanks. I think it turned out real well.
posted by Blogger Interblogger at 3:18 PM  
This is a great template! I haven't seen too many blogger templates around though.
posted by Anonymous Tanya at 12:04 AM  
Thanks Tanya. I noticed most people with Blogger have one of the default templates. That is why everyone needs to have me create them a custom template. :)
posted by Blogger Interblogger at 8:11 AM  
Look brilliant, definitely one of the best templates I've seen around Blogspot. *applauds*
posted by Anonymous Becca at 7:55 AM